The distant futuristic year of 2021. Governments have fallen. The world is now controlled by vicious and greedy mega-corporations. One such company, the evil Jx Corporation, now owns most of what was once called "England".

Technology impacts every aspect of life. Pocket sized computers are capable of processing millions of bits of data a second and communicate via radio. A central network known as "Cyberspace" links a hundred thousand data servers worldwide. Downtrodden citizens escape to realistic game simulations projected directly in to their cerebrum. Others use illegal bionics to enhance their body in order to find work in an increasingly automated society.

You are a dealer, trading illicit goods for a profit. Your task is to make as much money as possible under the noses of Jx's Security Forces. Maybe then you can escape this cyberpunk hellscape and retire on a beach in Caribbean.

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This game is in early Beta.

This means new features are coming. But you should also expect bugs. Please send problems, suggestions etc. to my twitter @JiFish, or visit the Discord Server. Thank you for being a tester!

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